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4 Reasons Why Property Developers Choose Gecko Accelerograph

Feb 24, 2022 | Multi-Line Corporation

4 Reasons Why Property Developers Choose Gecko Accelerograph

What are the reasons why property developers choose Gecko Accelerograph?

  1. Compliance with the DPWH technical specifications and guidelines
  2. Can perform the required function of secondary disaster mitigation
  3. Made by a trusted and reputable manufacturer
  4. Expert and reliable local support


With the DPWH Guidelines and Implementing Rules on Earthquake Recording Instrumentation for buildings, it is vital to choose a device that is compliant with the specifications. But with many options out there, you might be having trouble with selecting a brand to go with. The Gecko accelerograph stands out from its competitors because of its advanced features and specifications that comply with the guidelines. If you’re interested, here are some of the reasons why property developers pick this brand. Keep on reading to learn more.


Compliance with The DPWH Technical Specifications and Guidelines

Compliance with The DPWH Guidelines

The DPWH Guidelines and Implementing Rules on Earthquake Recording Instrumentation for Buildings states the minimum specifications for earthquake recording instruments (ERI) to be installed in buildings listed in the guidelines.

The Gecko SMA fully complies with all the specifications required by the DPWH.  It is tested and recognized by an international testing laboratory, equipped with fault detection, can store seismic activity information in a built-in SD card capable of storing at least twelve months of data, and more.

The Gecko SMA is also capable of connecting to the internet for real-time email alerts and remote real-time data streaming and data collection, a capability a feature required by the DPWH guidelines.

Other required specifications include:

  • Provides accurate real-time data
  • Designed for a minimum of 10-year operation
  • IP67 enclosure rating for dust and water ingression
  • Internal battery that can power up the device for at least 12-hours in case of power outages

For these reasons, it is the main brand chosen by property developers.



Can Perform the Functions of Secondary Disaster Mitigation

The Gecko SMA-HR is more than just an earthquake recording instrument. It also features a 2-output alarm and shut-off mechanism that can be useful for earthquake response.

The alarm channel can be configured to activate external alarm — from fire alarm systems, public address systems, automatic shut-off mechanisms, and more. The connection to a public address system is useful for instructing building occupants on the next steps to take in an earthquake event. By shutting off gas pipelines, water lines, and electrical lines, it can prevent further injuries to building occupants due to stampede, explosions and fires.

The Gecko SMA complies with the required function of integration with the elevator. building public address, fire alarm panel, automatic gas line and electrical power shut-off in case of earthquake, which are critical life-safety features required by the DPWH guidelines for the protection of the occupants of the building.



Made by A Trusted and Reputable Manufacturer

ESS Earth Sciences is a company that specializes in advanced technological monitoring systems in different fields — such as seismology, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, and other environmental applications.

In 2002, the Seismology Research Center (SRC) has become part of ESS Earth Sciences. It operates the largest private earthquake observatory network on a global scale, with a great number of earthquake seismograph stations in Australia.

Seismologists from the center have been developing the latest generation of accelerographs and seismographs. These are manufactured by ESS Earth Sciences in Melbourne, Australia. One of these is the Gecko SMA.

Made by A Trusted and Reputable Manufacturer


Expert and Reliable Local Support

Expert and Reliable Local Support

The accelerograph is a sensitive high-technology product that requires proper handling and installation. The instrument must be properly configured to achieve the required automatic triggering of other building systems such as public address system, fire alarm system, elevator controls, gas line shut-off valves and electrical power shut-off.

In addition, the earthquake recording instrument requires maintenance after installation to ensure that the system is in proper operational condition. Functional testing and calibration test must be performed at least once a year. This is a requirement for business permit renewal. The DPWH guidelines requires the supplier to provide guarantee that the system shall have a maintenance period of at least ten (10) years.

Multi-Line has more than 35 years of track record and experience in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of these building systems. It has a team of expert engineers trained by manufacturers of the Gecko accelerograph and the other building systems. Multi-Line have done many successful installations of Gecko accelerographs with the required systems integration.

Multi-Line have a Maintenance Department with dedicated service engineers and technicians who perform preventive and corrective maintenance of the systems we supply and install.


Key Takeaway

With the DPWH’s requirements of installation of earthquake recording instruments, it is important to choose a device that is 100% compliant with the specifications. This is what makes the Gecko accelerograph stand out from competing brands.

If you’re interested in the Gecko accelerograph, you can contact us here at Multi-Line. With years of experience providing architects, designers, consultants, general contractors, construction managers, and facilities managers with their needs, we have become a one-stop shop for building and structural products. We have completed installation projects for the Gecko accelerograph for our clients — such as with the Asian Development Bank building and Unilab building in Mandaluyong City.