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Top 4 CCTV Brands in the Philippines

Feb 24, 2022 | Multi-Line Corporation

Top 4 CCTV Brands in the Philippines

What are the top 4 CCTV brands in the Philippines?

  1. Panasonic
  2. Hikvision
  3. Dahua
  4. Honeywell


One of the important aspects of building and property development is to find ways to make the facility secured and safe for the building occupants. But overseeing properties with multiple entry points and numerous occupants can be difficult. Fortunately, CCTV systems can help security teams monitor human traffic, monitor unauthorized entry, record incidents, and reduce security operating costs. To help you, here are the top CCTV brands in the Philippines. Keep on reading!



Panasonic Security offers reliable and technologically-advanced cameras and image recording systems in the market. With 60 years of experience as a manufacturer of security products, they have developed a wide range of options that are suitable for different industries. From DVR, NVR, PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras, Box Type Cameras, and more — there is a product that will suit your needs.

Here are some of the CCTV products offered by Panasonic:


Panasonic WV-V2530L1: Full HD Weatherproof Dome Network Camera

The Panasonic WV-V2530L1 is a versatile camera that is suitable for daytime and nighttime operation. It offers full HD definition to provide clear images and is equipped with IR LED that enables the camera to see in the dark. It’s vandal resistant, which means that it’s rugged enough to be installed in locations where it may be exposed to tampering.


Panasonic WV-S1531LN Extreme Super Dynamic Full HD Vandal Resistant and Waterproof Box Network Camera

This camera features an auto shutter speed control, which is useful for capturing fast-moving vehicles. The device is also tough and durable, due to its IP66 and IK10 ratings. IP66 means that it can withstand dust and high-pressure water jets from any direction.  On the other hand, IK10 means that the camera has high impact resistance. This unit may be installed in exterior locations where it may be exposed to harsh environment conditions.




One of Hikvision’s core competencies is to produce technology products for video security. From DVR, NVR, Dome Cameras, Bullet Type Cameras, and PTZ Cameras — the devices are made based on cutting-edge video intelligence technology. The CCTV systems are utilized by popular establishments in the country, such as Cloverleaf Mall in Quezon City, One Park Drive in Taguig City, UP Town Mall in Quezon City, and more.

Below are some Hikvision products that you might be interested in:


Hikvision DS-2CD4125FWD-IZ 2MP Smart IP Indoor Dome Camera

The indoor dome camera is made with LightFighter technology, which means that it can capture high-quality images in areas that have a high intensity back lighting. For instance, you can install the camera towards windows and entrance doors where there’s plenty of light coming from outside, and you can still get clear images.


Hikvision DS-2CD4126FWD-IZ 2MP Low Light Smart Camera

This smart camera is made with DarkFighter technology that will help capture low-light and nighttime footage in stunning color, brighter output, and clear quality. This is possible because of the larger sensor, larger lens aperture, and smarter gain control technology. Overall, this provides highly effective video surveillance around the clock, especially at night.



Dahua Technology is a global leader when it comes to video-centric smart IoT solutions. Using innovative technology and ensuring reliable quality, Dahua offers network cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, HDCVI cameras, network recorders, and more.

Dahua’s PTZ cameras utilize the pan, tilt, and zoom functions to provide images that can cover wide areas and also offer great detail. If you’re looking for specialized cameras, there are also products that have anti-corrosion features, explosion-proofing, and others.

When it comes to network cameras, there are multiple product levels that are available to fulfill specific needs — whether you need the latest innovations, prefer balance in cost and performance, or have a tight budget but still need quality products.




Honeywell is a trusted source of modern residential and commercial security systems. Aside from Notifier, a fire detection and alarm system, you will also find state-of-the-art CCTV products suitable for your future projects — such as DVR, NVR, PTZ Cameras, Dome Cameras, and Bullet Type Cameras


Honeywell HIDC-2600TVI 1080P High Definition H.264 IP IR Dome Camera

With True Day Night (TDN) features, this Honeywell camera can produce clear videos in both light and dark situations. This is possible due to the IR LED that can transmit infrared light at night and the IR cut-off filter that can block infrared light in the daytime. Overall, this provides you with true color images in the daytime and clear images at nighttime.


Honeywell HBL2GR1/HBW2GR1/HBW2GR3/HBW4GR1 WDR IR Rugged IP Bullet Cameras

With True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), these Honeywell bullet cameras have both the software and the hardware capability of taking better images in low light. The process involves capturing two images with different exposures, then merging the two — resulting in an image that has even illumination.


Key Takeaway

A CCTV system is used to improve the security of a building, so it’s important that they’re made of high-quality materials and offer features that are suitable to the environment where the products will be installed. In this article, you have learned more about the top CCTV brands in the Philippines. Use this as your guide in developing an efficient, cost-effective and quality security system for your next project.

If you want to learn more about CCTV systems, you can contact us here at Multi-Line. We can help you choose the right brand and product that will fit your needs.