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Earthquake Accelerograph

Earthquake Accelerograph




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San Miguel Consolidated Power Corporation Product Installed: ESS Gecko Accelerograph

Earthquake Recording Instrument in the Philippines from Multi-Line

As a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is very susceptible to earthquakes and this is one reason for the mandatory requirement of earthquake recording instruments for certain types of buildings in the Philippines. We are often bombarded with natural phenomena like earthquakes, typhoons, and recently, even volcanic eruptions. No one can predict earthquakes and there’s practically nothing we can do to stop them.

Earthquakes of Magnitude III or higher can cause damage to buildings and infrastructures and such disasters may bring with it the loss of lives in the areas it affects.

What we can do is to be prepared when it strikes. That’s where earthquake recording instruments come in.

What Are Earthquake Recording Instruments?

Earthquake recording instruments, or seismic monitoring equipment, are instruments designed to detect the movement of the ground or buildings due to earthquakes and it digitally records these dynamic movements of the building caused by such earthquakes. An example of this is the accelerograph. It is a device that records the acceleration and velocity of earthquake vibrations. These recorded data can later be used by structural engineers to determine the structural health or integrity of a building after it has been subjected to an earthquake or several earthquakes. The accelerograph is also designed to perform other functions for the purpose of secondary disaster mitigation. In the event of a high-intensity earthquake, the accelerograph can be used to set-off alarms to notify the building occupants and integrate with the building PA system to allow safe evacuation of the building occupants. The accelerograph can also be used to trigger automatic shut-off for utilities such as gas lines, electrical power lines, and elevators to ensure safety of the building occupants during the earthquake.

Why Buy an Earthquake Recording Instrument?

Earthquakes are becoming a more common occurrence in the Philippines. Buying an earthquake recording instrument in the Philippines and arming our buildings with the proper equipment that fully complies with the DPWH Guidelines can mitigate the secondary consequences of earthquake disasters and can prevent more injuries and save countless of lives.

Disaster preparedness

If you have seismic monitoring equipment in your building, then the chances for you to stay safe during an earthquake get significantly higher. Being prepared for disasters beforehand will not only ensure people’s safety but also minimize other losses.

Requirements of the law

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) through the local government unit (LGU) requires both government and private buildings such as condominiums, malls, office buildings, industrial facilities, hospitals and schools, to install accelerographs. This mandate means that almost any building, especially those over 50 meters in height, should have an accelerograph before they are given the Occupancy Permit for new construction and Business Permit for existing buildings.

Multi-Line’s Seismic Monitoring Equipment: Gecko SMA

For the best earthquake recording instrument in the Philippines, Multi-Line offers the Gecko Strong Motion Accelerograph (SMA)! This accelerograph was developed with cutting-edge technology, it fully complies with the DPWH Guideline and provides the best protection for the building occupants and the building owner. Here are some of its features:

Tri-axial operation

The Gecko SMA operates in three axes: the X, Y, and Z axes. That means it gives the most accurate and reliable readings in seismic technology. By providing measurements from three directions.

Has 2-output alarm and shut-off mechanism

One of the reasons why this is the best earthquake recording instrument in the Philippines is because of its alarm system and shut-off mechanism. The Gecko SMA can be set depending on the user to trigger fire alarm systems and PA systems. It can also shut off elevators, electrical lines, water lines, and others. It can also send automatic real-time e-mail alerts to your designated personnel.

Stand-alone device

The Gecko SMA is a stand-alone accelerograph that doesn’t need external peripherals to operate. It has a backup battery so that it can keep operating in case of power outages, and its enclosure is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. It also has a fault-detecting alarm in case there are defects or problems in data storage, power, and temperature.

Complies with DPWH regulations

The earthquake recording instrument in the Philippines must comply with the requirements of the law. The Gecko SMA accelerograph complies with the DPWH regulation on Earthquake Recording Instrumentation for Buildings. Any building equipped with the Gecko SMA passes the requirements of the DPWH.

Be Prepared Against Earthquakes with The Best Earthquake Recording Instrument in the Philippines from Multi-Line!

If you need the best earthquake recording instrument in the Philippines, you can get it from Multi-Line! We also offer products for your building’s needs such as fire detection and alarm, structured cabling, access control, and many others! Contact us here for any inquiries!