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Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Panels in the Philippines by Multi-Line

Aluminum composite panels in the Philippines have been growing in popularity in the construction sector. This is primarily due to its favorable physical qualities, versatility, and aesthetic value. These advantages have led industry leaders, such as Multi-Line, to add this material to their catalogs.

What are Aluminum Composite Panels?

Aluminum composite panels in the Philippines are made using aluminum sheets affixed to a non-aluminum core via a continuous lamination process. This core is then coated and thermo-bonded by several layers of coats, primers, and treatments. The multiple layers allow this material to be used in a variety of ways, such as interior design elements and exterior cladding.

Why Use Multi-Line’s Aluminum Composite Panels?

Of all the aluminum composite panels in the Philippines, Multi-Line only sources and uses the best in our projects — Alucobest and WorldBond. The quality of these materials and their many advantages have allowed them to work in international projects, contributing their aluminum composite cladding installation skills to foreign clients. In addition, Alucobest aluminum composite panel has been chosen as BCI Architects Choice Awards!

Multi-Line’s Alucobest and Worldbond are also trusted by top Architects, Developers and Constructors in the Philippines.

Multi-Line’s competitive edge when it comes to aluminum composite panels comes from five key points:

Enhanced Dimensional Stability

Multi-Line’s composite panels possess enhanced dimensional stability. Even the largest formats possible do not easily deform, meaning that they are stable construction material that retains their original shape and form despite environmental factors. They boast high structural rigidity and superior heat and impact resistance.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Aluminum composite panels in the Philippines are a cost-effective choice for materials. Aside from being stable, it is also much lighter than your typical metal panel. This means it is easy to move and process, which cuts back on transport and labor costs. Furthermore, aluminum composite cladding installation is much quicker to apply and replace due to their light frames.

Improved Physical Properties

Aluminum composite panels are made from a durable and strong metal, which translates into materials that have a long life and increased resistance to wear and corrosion.

Alucobest and WorldBond have engineered their aluminum composite panels using state-of-the-art technology and materials to further improve their physical properties. The results of this process are:

  • Excellent torsion strength.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Excellent impact resistance.
  • Outstanding fireproofing characteristics (Class A2 & B1).
  • Smooth, even, and long-lasting coatings.
  • Ease of processing, installation, and maintenance.

This makes Multi-Line’s aluminum composite panels in the Philippines an excellent choice for construction projects.

Various Finishes & Forms

The wide range of finishes and forms of aluminum composite panels that Multi-Line offers give it unparalleled aesthetic capabilities. They can come in up to 36 standard colors and are also available in custom colors for special orders. Their finishes range from solid to textured, wood-like to mirrored. They also come in many standard shapes and sizes and can be processed to satisfy any specific design. This versatility allows our composite panels to be applied to any project you can think of.

Highly Functional

Multi-Line’s aluminum composite panels in the Philippines provide many functional uses, such as sound, wind, and heat insulation, vibration dampening, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and structural stability. Our panels are also specially designed to be anti-graffiti and anti-corrosion, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum Composite Panel Applications

Our materials are ideal for construction and architectural purposes due to their previously mentioned benefits. With their functionality and versatility, you can use them in numerous applications, such as:

Building Cladding

The aluminum composite panels in the Philippines from Multi-Line are a popular choice for cladding material. They are easy to install, provide ample protection against environmental changes, and stay clean and vibrant for a long time. This allows your building to look great for years, and even after the most adverse weather conditions.

Exterior & Interior Decoration

Aluminum composite panels can also be formed into decorative elements for exterior and interior use. Because of their simplicity and durability, they can be easily added as a permanent part of your structure. This is often used to make false ceilings, wall partitions, curtain walls, parapets and roof edges, column and beam wraps, dado, and many more parts of your building.

Signage & Display

Signages and displays in storefronts and business centers are also common applications for aluminum composite panels in the Philippines. This material is naturally strong and rigid, plus it retains its shine and color for years, which makes it the perfect backboard for eye-catching panels.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Project and Use Aluminum Composite Panels in the Philippines from Multi-Line!

Using a sturdy and beautiful material like aluminum composite panels in the Philippines is the right choice for you and your construction projects. Build an eye-catching commercial space, or reinforce your office building with protective panels with only the best materials from Multi-Line!

In need of high-quality material for your new building? Multi-Line is here to supply you with only the best for your project. Contact us today, and we’ll assist you in building your next state-of-the-art structure!