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PVC Soffits, Ceiling and Wall Cladding

PVC Soffits, Ceiling and Wall Cladding

PVC Ceiling and Wall Cladding in the Philippines: Multi-Line

Walls and ceilings are constantly exposed to moisture, abrasion, dirt, and different weather conditions that can easily degrade the material. Fortunately, there is one material professionals from the construction and property development industry trust — PVC wall cladding in the Philippines. Keep on reading to learn more!

Why Choose WorldClass PVC Ceiling and Wall Cladding

WorldClass is a well-known name when it comes to PVC Ceiling and wall cladding in the Philippines. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this best-selling product from Multi-Line!


Compared to other materials used in walls and ceilings, WorldClass PVC ceiling and cladding can withstand high levels of moisture without degrading — making it the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other similar spaces. This product can resist mold and mildew, which is common in damp environments.

UK Class 1 Fire Rated

PVC Ceiling and wall cladding has fire-resistant qualities, but what sets WorldClass apart from the competition is its UK Class 1 fire rating. This means that it has the highest rating when it comes to UK’s fire resistance standards and can achieve the lowest flame spread.

Easy to Clean

WorldClass PVC Ceiling and wall cladding in the Philippines is a desirable choice for construction and renovation projects because it offers convenience to the end-users. The surface of the material is smooth and easy to clean compared to other materials such as wood. Compared to tiles, it doesn’t require grouting, which makes it more hygienic.

Lasts A Lifetime

WorldClass PVC Ceiling and Wall cladding can retain its appearance and structure for years to come. The material can withstand a lot of environmental stresses, which means that replacement is most likely not necessary. Because of this, it’s used for both internal and external applications.

Better Insulation

Another benefit of choosing WorldClass Ceiling and Wall Cladding is the material’s insulation properties. This can help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool a space!

Simple Installation

WorldClass PVC Ceiling and wall cladding in the Philippines is preferred by construction industry professionals because of its ease of installation. The panels can be easily cut to the desired size and applied to the target area with no need for grouting, which shortens the installation process. There’s also no finishing required after!

Various Wood Designs

PVC Ceiling and Wall cladding by WorldClass can also make a property more aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that can suit your decor theme. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about painting and repainting because the material can last for years.

Applications of PVC Ceiling and wall Cladding in the Philippines

Because of the structural and aesthetic features of WorldClass PVC Ceiling and wall cladding in the Philippines, it’s considered a versatile material and is often used for a wide variety of projects.

PVC Wall Applications

PVC wall cladding in the Philippines is used by property developers for both internal and external wall applications. Inside, you will typically find them in bathrooms and kitchens because of their moisture resistance and waterproofing properties. The material is also a popular choice in the agriculture, hospitality, food and beverage, and healthcare industries.

Since PVC can also withstand heat, cold, and damp environments, it’s also one of the preferred options to enhance the external look of a building. On top of this, it can act as an extra layer of protection against weathering.

PVC Ceiling Applications

PVC is also widely used in ceilings of residential and commercial buildings because it’s a lightweight, more durable, and affordable alternative to other materials. Other than that, it doesn't create dust during installation. If you want to know the PVC ceiling panel price in the Philippines, you can send us your inquiries!

Experience Long-Term Benefits When You Purchase PVC Ceiling and Wall Cladding in the Philippines from Multi-Line!

From waterproofing, fire-resistant properties, durability, and more — WorldClass PVC Ceiling and wall cladding in the Philippines offers a list of advantages over other materials. With its ease of installation, it's the preferred choice by construction industry professionals.

With over 30 years of experience in providing high-quality building materials, you can trust us when it comes to your construction and design needs. Aside from PVC wall cladding, we can also provide you with roofing options, insulation materials, aluminum composite panels, and more. If you’re interested, you can send us a message here at Multi-Line!