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Guide To Dahua Low-Light Security Cameras

Not all CCTV cameras can capture clear images in low light. At best, they will only be able to capture silhouettes of people passing by during nighttime. But what if a crime was committed on your property in the dark? In this case, it’s beneficial if you have CCTV cameras that can capture images in dark lighting or low visibility areas. This way, you can record important details about the perpetrator and the criminal act committed. Fortunately, Dahua’s Low-Light security cameras are available here at Multi-Line. Keep on reading!

Why Do You Need Low-Light Cameras?

Because of the limited visibility, standard CCTVs won’t be able to catch facial features, height, clothing, vehicle details, and criminal acts at night. This means that you won’t be able to take action against any criminal event without clear footage.

Low-Light Cameras are essential for properties where 24/7 security and high-definition images are needed. These can be used in airports, gated communities, malls, schools, parks, parking lots, factories, museums, and more. Anywhere where lighting is a challenge, low-light cameras are there to be of help. This is especially true for cameras that can provide full-color images in low light, as it can help a security team gather forensic images.

Dahua Low-Light Security Cameras

Dahua Technology is one of the global leaders when it comes to providing security solutions. From security cameras, recorders, video intercoms, alarms, and many more — their mission is to enable a safer society and smarter living.

One of the things Dahua is known for is its security cameras made with low-light technology. Dahua’s Starlight Technology uses various technologies to produce clear images even in low-light environments. The people behind this brand know that there are different situations and environments where a security camera will be used, so it’s important to offer various options to buyers. With this, they offer four types of low-light technology cameras:

  • Basic Starlight cameras feature good low-light performance for moderately dark areas such as parks and areas with ambient lighting. These are affordably priced too.
  • Enhanced Starlight cameras can offer bright, detailed, and clear images even in near-dark environments. Recommended for areas with little to no surrounding lighting.
  • Starlight+ cameras have a larger sensor and utilize smart technology to offer the best low-light performance, resulting in images with no noise or color distortion. This is the best option for areas with little to no ambient illumination.

Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight, and Starlight+ feature an IR cut filter, which switches to night mode when there is insufficient light in the area. This allows the camera sensor to allow in infrared and visible light — which makes it possible to produce a brighter image in low-light environments.

  • Night Color cameras can provide 24/7 low-light color surveillance due to the high-performance sensor, ISP, and achromatic large-aperture lens. But compared to Starlight technology, these don’t use an IR cut filter, which is why images remain colored day and night. This is recommended in environments where full-color images are needed and there is a source of ambient light — such as parking lots, city streets, casinos, and bars.

For areas where no light is available, Night Color cameras with white-light illuminators can be used. These can provide 24/7 full-color images on basements, remote spaces, and the like.

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Where To Get Dahua CCTV Cameras With Low-Light Technology

You don’t have to look far to experience the benefits of the Dahua low-light technology security cameras. These cameras can be provided to you by Multi-Line, which is renowned in the industry when it comes to supplying building systems.

Multi-Line offers the top CCTV brands in the Philippines, including Dahua. You will surely find the right CCTV camera that will match your property’s current and future needs, whether it’s something that can capture images in low-light or provide full-color images 24/7. You can also choose from network cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, HDCVI cameras, and more.

Key Takeaway

What are Dahua low-light security cameras? Starlight cameras can produce clear, and bright in low-light and near-dark conditions. On the other hand, Night Color cameras can provide full-color images day and night. Both of these are best used in places where 24/7 security is a priority — such as airports, factories, banks, malls, schools, and the like.

With 4 low-light technology tiers to choose from, it’s now easier to choose the right security camera that will fit your requirements! If you need more information on each one, we can assist you with your concerns.

If you’re interested in Dahua security cameras, you can contact us here at Multi-Line! As a trusted supplier of high-quality CCTV cameras in the Philippines, we can help you find the right product that will meet your needs. Aside from that, we also offer fire detection and alarm systems, access control systems, earthquake accelerograph, public address systems, and more.