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Aluminum Composite Panels.  Truly aluminum composite panels can cost a fortune.

You would therefore want to choose the best brand for your money. And the way to trust is to test.

Here are five ways to test if the brand you choose is worthy of the color of your money:

  1. Brittleness: Is it tear resistant with repeated bending?
  2. Fading: Is it fade resistant when exposed to harsh chemicals?
  3. Thickness: Does its actual thickness conform with the supplier’s claim?
  4. Actual installation: Does the brand have many proofs of happy customers?
  5. Installers’ endorsement: Do installers with long experience in installing ACP endorse the quality of your ACP brand choice? Ask them. They can guide you.


Let us show you how you can conduct these tests. Call us. Then you will know if you are putting your money in good hands.



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