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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

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The law is on your side and for your protection For this reason, the government requires the installation of Earthquake Recording Instrumentation in new and existing buildings. When you happen to be in malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, high-rise buildings and industrial facilities and earthquakes shake them from side to side, you will appreciate the need for the government to be on your side. Saving lives, protecting property and providing order in the event of earthquakes are the reasons for installing seismic accelerographs in structures where large number of people congregate. As the end of the year approaches, property managers and owners must be made aware of the requirements of the law. For existing buildings within specified areas in Table 1 of the Rule, the installation and operation of these seismic accelerographs will form part of the requirements of the Annual Certificate of Inspection to be issued by the Building Official of the city or town where these buildings are located. According to law, the Annual Certificate of Inspection is a requirement in the application for annual Business Permits at the start of every year. For newly constructed buildings the law says, “the installation of these instruments shall form part of the requirements for Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Building Official, indicating there on Earthquake Instrument Notification Procedures in Compliance to the guidelines and rules.”

ESS Gecko


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