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Enculturation for Bagong Silang Teachers

By Krizia Mae Oliva

Secrets for Success — in work and in life. This is what the company wishes to share to all employees through the Enculturation Seminar. This seminar has always been of great impact to employees of Multi-Line regardless of age, position or belief. And last November 19, 2022, for the first time in the history, it proved itself that it is profitable and relevant not just in Multi-Line but even to people outside of the company.


Mr. Rey Angeles, the President, together with two of Enculturation Seminar Core Group Members, Ms. Luz Gastillo and Ms. Krizia Mae Oliva, held a 4-hour Enculturation Seminar for volunteer teachers of Padre Pio Sibol School. This group of teachers is led by a couple who are volunteers of Gawad Kalinga for so long. 

After the seminar, the teachers and the administrators of Gawad Kalinga were very thankful for the price-less lessons the seminar has taught them and wishes to apply and share the same with their students. 


The speakers presented some of the topics of Enculturation Seminar such as Corporate Values, Positive Attitude — Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Paradigm Shifting, Marble Story and 5Cs Plus One = Big C. 


All throughout the session, the teachers were immersed into the lessons and were very participative. They shared their experiences and hearts out very well in every lesson taught to them. 


Once again, the Enculturation Seminar proved that it indeed impacts people because it is a very practical tool to achieve success. It is something worth understanding, believing in and taking action for, both inside Multi-Line and outside of the company.


Congratulations to all who took part of this historical event!

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