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Enlightening Enculturation Seminar

By Kervi Gella

On a quest to equip resilience and competitive advantage to employees through changing times, an Enculturation Seminar is being conducted every month. The seminar focuses on developing a company culture to the new bloods and serves as a refresher to old employees.


From November 7 to 11, 2022, a group of 16 employees with various positions in the company attended this seminar. It was spearheaded by the President, Mr. Rey Angeles, together with other managers. 


The speakers discussed the history of the company and focused on the crises it experienced and how it managed to not only survive but rise above the challenge. They also imparted the 4 secrets to the formula of the company’s success to develop a competitive and healthy mindset. 

The secrets were prinsipyo, development of our personal and individual characteristics, development of our character and culture as a company, and our best practices. The entirety of the seminar was a two-way communication, both the speakers and attendees shared their own experiences and thoughts on the topics being discussed.


As the event was about to conclude, Mr. Angeles left the batch with a task, to come up with suggestions on the problem that the seminar was facing – the forgetfulness, discouragement, or loss of interest to the teachings and principles of the Enculturation Seminar. 


Each group was given a week to brainstorm and present their solutions. They came up with unique and interesting ideas that motivated the Enculturation Seminar committee to take action. Mr. Ritchel Bolina, one of the speakers, said ,“Marami pa tayong kakaining bigas, pero kung sama-sama tayo at magtutulungan, mauubos din natin yan. Words that call everyone for assistance and a signal for the improvements that are yet to come.

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