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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Accounting Assistant with a Creative Mind and Hands

By Fauline Go

Yolirene Soriano

EverFirst is delighted to introduce Yolirene Soriano an Accounting Assistant with amazing artistic and musical abilities.


Yolirene, or “Yoli,” has been an Accounting Assistant for almost three years now.  She is recognized for having a kind and demure visage with creative hands and mind.


Yoli has a talent for painting and drawing anime, psychedelic art, kid core, etc. using oil pastels and acrylic paint.  According to her, drawing becomes her vessel to express her feelings and thoughts.  Her artworks are influenced by her mood and she is more inspired to draw when she feels alone.


Yoli is also inclined to music.  She can sing and has a sweet unique voice. In fact, she joined her barangay’s singing contests during her high school days and was also part of a music band.  Aside from singing, she can play the guitar and ukulele.  She composes songs that are related to love, self-doubt, life, etc. Her songs are inspired by her circumstances, whenever she feels pain, heartbreak, loneliness or happiness. Commonly, these songs were just created from short poems which were originally written by her.

For Yoli, arts and music are something she can place her trust and express her true self. When asked how much she loves her art and music she answered, “Super love, first love ko ang music and arts since bata pa ako, it is my way of communicating and letting go of emotions that I can’t open up or tell. It is part of my life.”

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