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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

COFA for Skywalker Project

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

A great accomplishment was made by Multi-Line Building System Inc. after the signing of COFA (Certificate of Final Acceptance) for Alveo Park Triangle Tower – Skywalker project on March 2, 2022.


The project started in October 2019 and ended in March 2022. This 26-month project was supervised by Mr. Francis Anzures, the Project Engineer, with the help of Engr. Rafael Palma, the OIC Project Manager, and Engr. Francis Kenneth Billones and Engr. Remelia Firme, the Operations Managers. The COFA was awarded by Makati Development Corporation.


In an interview with Mr. Anzures, he expressed his feelings about the completion of the project,  “Proud ako sa sarili ko at sa team ko na kahit may pandemic, motivated kami na matapos ang project. Masaya ako na approved lahat ng variation namin sa project pati ang EOT claims. As the Project Engineer, I really aim to finish the project immediately so that our clients will be happy and will trust our company so that we can get another project from them. I am motivated na talagang makuha ang COFA at siyempre ang commission.”


When Mr. Billones was interviewed, he said: “When the CCTV systems were about to be tested a month prior to final acceptance, 5 out of 13 sets of monitors were found to be defective. The cause of the problem was factory defects. With the help of Purchasing Department, we were able to secure service units and have the system accepted by the ACR. Prior to the start of the project, our main goal was to secure a variation order for an Extension of Time (EOT) claim from MDC, knowing that most of the projects of MBI are going beyond their original project duration. In order to achieve this goal, we utilize the 5Ms Monitoring Tool in our planning of manpower deployment, material and machinery requests and deliveries and methodology and submission of our monthly progress billings (Money). With the help of this tool, we were able to determine and anticipate the problems of the project site and generate a solution to generate a timely work accomplishment. Also, we are keen on determining and documenting the delays that are beyond our control by submitting a report to the ACR from the time the delay becomes apparent. Having these documents: (1) protects the company’s interests from any liquidated damages imposed by the client; and (2) supports our variation order for EOT Claim with our customer. With these strategies that we had, we were able to secure the COFA and a bonus of an approved variation order for the EOT Claim amounting to 1,016,862.25.” 


They may have encountered challenges along the way, but they overcame them using the 5M’s of management and a good problem-solving skills that allowed them to serve the customer better, faster and at less cost.

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