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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Welcoming the New Promotions Manager

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

Arch. Rene John Asa

Multi-Line Structures Corporation warmly welcomes its new Promotions Manager, Arch. Rene John “RJ” Asa. 


Arch. RJ received his bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Adamson University in 2012. He worked as a Senior Architect for seven years and as a Lead Architect for two years. He was hired on April 11, 2022 and reports directly to Mr. Aurelio Angeles, the President. In his free time, he enjoys singing, reading, poetry, and photography.


As the new Promotions Manager, Arch. RJ is entrusted to promote and convince architects, designers, contractors, property developers, and others related to the business and make them believe in the quality, aesthetics, and suitability of Multi-Line products. He must be able to persuade clients to include Multi-Line’s products in their projects and develop a positive relationship with them.

In an interview, Arch. RJ shared his methods in order to achieve success in his work.


“Since I started working, I adhered to this methodology in setting my goals to give me clear directions on how to define a plan and achieve success. This is called SMART goal method – Specific: Make my goals specific, clear and well-defined for more effective planning. Having it simple and clear makes them easier to achieve; Measurable: Provide a visual record to see if you are making some progress and re-evaluate if necessary; Attainable: Make sure your time frame is feasible. Set a realistic plan and make sure you have enough tools and resources to accomplish them; Relevant: Relate and align your goals with your career and values and the direction you want to go; and Time-bound: Set a timeframe for accomplishing every goal. Stick to it and focus on all the tasks that need to be accomplished to meet the deadline.” 


With a clear goal in mind, Arch. RJ is excited to give his best in serving our customers with passion and with a competitive attitude.

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