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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

A Short Story of EverFirst

By Ma. Lourdes C. Angeles

EverFirst was put up in the challenging time of the big Asian Financial Crisis on July 1997. In spite of the undesirable business and economic environment, and its disastrous effect on the Multi-Line Group, Mr. Rey Angeles and I took the risk of forming a new company and he named it EverFirst Loans Corporation.


Our first office was in Forest Hills in Novaliches across the large post office of the area. It was a beautiful corner office enclosed in glass walls on 2 sides. In the corner near the glass entrance door, I placed a pot of plant that because of the invigorating morning sun grew into a healthy tree through the years. As it flourished, the employees there called it Chariray after Charito Geguiera, our Operations Manager now.


In its early formative years, we would hold a small gathering of pensioners to celebrate Christmas. In its first holiday celebration, an old man was sincerely thankful that there is EverFirst assisting them in their financial needs. He further prayed for God to bless EverFirst more to grow so it could serve more pensioners like him. The other guests followed and said the same thing of wishing EverFirst growth and more success to help pensioners in their time of needs.


Now we are celebrating our 25th year anniversary with 98 branches in Luzon. Ever stronger ever true ever first in service.


We thank God for blessing EverFirst with growth and prosperity. We are grateful as well to all our co-workers for their faith and loyalty to EverFirst embracing and practicing its corporate code of hard work, commitment, expertise and high moral values. 


We pray to God to bless us in EverFirst with love and peace and good health in the pursuit of our mission to serve pensioners well and to the best of our ability.

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