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Glyza Bate- A Skilled Manager, a Mother and a Singer

By Kimberly Tianzon

Ms. Glyza Bate

Ms. Glyza Bate is a skilled Product Sales Consultant (PSC) who became DDO’s Operations Manager in June 2022 because of her great aptitude in sales. According to her, a Product Sales Consultant is considered multitalented. Technically, they’re not engineers or architects, but they have to become one when facing the customers. They had to become flexible with the customers’ needs and pour buckets of patience and understanding in order to uphold the company’s values; which is to treat every customer as kings and queens. They even become psychologists when they meet new customers because they had to analyze their behaviors in order to act accordingly. One wrong move and they’ll lose a potential customer. Her talent in dealing with diverse people has gained her recognition and appreciation from the company which made her become a manager in a span of five years.

Outside her workplace, she is a mother to two girls; ages one and five respectively. They say to be a mother is the toughest job in the world so imagine the struggle of being a manager and a full-time mom. The amount of hardwork that she has to give is undeniably massive that she even has to harness her time management skills just to fulfill her role as both a manager and a mother. During weekdays, she works as a manager from 8am to 6pm, a driver or a runner from 6pm to 7pm, and a mom and housewife from 7pm onwards. Of course, weekends are for family time and sometimes, “me time” as she calls it. Balancing work and family isn’t for the fainthearted. Multitasking is not for the weak. It is for someone with great skills.


Aside from being a manager and a mother, little does everyone know, she’s also fond of singing. She discovered she can sing when she was in high school. At first, she just loved singing in front of a karaoke machine with her father, but she was later given the opportunity to sing live onstage during college when she was chosen to become a member of their school’s band. She loves every genre aside from the ones that require a wide vocal range or the songs called “birit songs”. In short, she loves those cool, relaxing and melodic songs which can make everyone in the room vibe with it the moment she sings it. Up until now, music is her escape. After a hard day’s work, she puts on a loud music while driving home. Sometimes she listens to reggae, acoustic or soft pop depending on her mood. In a hectic world that she’s living, it’s her tranquility, her calm.


A hardworking and dedicated manager in the office. A loving, caring and softhearted mother at home. A music lover when she’s alone. The multitalented Ms. Glyza Bate of DDO. 

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