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Khriselle Ann Cruz: Dancing - An Expression of Love and Faith

By Kimberly Tianzon

Khriselle Ann Cruz

A well-known American dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille once said, “The truest expression of a people is in its dances and in its music. Bodies never lie.” For Khriselle Ann Cruz, the OIC Branch Head of EF Biñan branch, dancing is an expression of love and a language of faith.


Everfirst has witnessed Khriselle’s dancing skills almost in every company event. Her first ever performance was during the company’s Christmas party with a slumber party theme. After that, she actively participated in the company’s events and video making processes as a dancer. She can be seen giving her best, expressing her thoughts, and trying to communicate with every move that her body throws in every performance. 

Khriselle showed her first dance moves as a young girl in a church. She became part of their church’s dance team at the age of 11. For her, dancing is her ultimate passion. When she dances, it drains her energy, but the happiness that she feels while dancing is beyond great that she, herself, can’t even measure. When she dances, her soul becomes light and all her stress washed away. She forgets everything that’s going on in life and is just enjoying the moment. When she dances, her family applauds her and is proud and happy to see her doing what she really loves. 


Khriselle has tried several dance forms including pop-lock, modern hip hop, modern jazz, modern dance, and her favorite, lyrical dance. This type of dance is performed to a music with lyrics which allows her to express her emotions such as love, joy, pain, and even anger. Most of her dance techniques were self-taught and inspired by her idol, Yassi Pressman. 


At the age of 21, Khriselle’s passion in dancing has also led her to perform in Cuneta Astrodome for a particular church event. Maybe the biggest stage she has ever performed to, making it one of her most memorable performance as a dancer. The main reason why she dances is because for her, it’s an act of love and faith to God. She dances for herself, for her family, and most especially for God whom she believes has given her the talent. A talent that gave her the opportunity to express herself freely and passionately, and a talent she’ll forever be grateful. 


Perhaps the greatest lesson dancing has taught her is that you have to give the best in everything you do and to pour your heart into everything you love. “Kapag nasayaw ka, ibinibigay mo lahat ng meron ka, energy, yung galaw mo, ipipitik mo talaga, at hindi nawawala yung puso kasi kung anong nilalaman ng puso mo ay siyang nagrereflect sa bawat galaw mo. Hindi lang dapat sayaw nang sayaw. Dapat may puso at nauunawaan mo din ang tugtog ng sinasayaw mo,” says Khriselle. 

She found her passion, pursued it, and has drawn some of the biggest lessons and inspirations life can offer.

Keep dancing into your own life’s rhythm Khriselle!

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