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Not Just Any Regular Programmer

By Krizia Mae Oliva

Erwin Caloing

Music is the art of arranging sound to create a combination of harmony, melody, rhythm, form or any expressive content. In today’s modern era, music already encompasses musical instruments and music sheets. It is already heavily related with technology with the use of sound generators, studio equipment and music software operated by artificial intelligence. For most people, being creative and being technically wise are two opposite things but not for Mr. Erwin Caloing.


Mr. Caloing is Multi-Line’s Programming Supervisor. He joined the company in 2013 and got recently promoted because of his excellent performance in his field. But behind the computer codes he daily cracks, Mr. Caloing also arranges and creates beautiful music as a song writer himself and as a choir director in his local church. 

Three of his many compositions are titled “Hindi Malilimutan” which was a graduation song featured last 2007 in his alma mater, “Pangarap” which garnered 1st place in a song writing competition last 2008 and “Kaibigang Tunay” which he wrote last 2009 featured at his local church’s youth camp. 


From being the choir director last 2003, he eventually became the praise and worship head starting on 2005 until today. Aside from his voice, he also takes pride on his ability to play musical instruments such as lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard and ukelele.  


With all this, he has his father to thank for who he thinks he inherited his musical talents from. And thankfully, he can share the same to his only child who is showing huge interest in singing and playing guitar. 


There’s a lot more to what Mr. Caloing can do. Aside from music, he also plays sports. He is part of a volleyball team, badminton team and Sepak Takraw team which is a well-known native Filipino sport. He also plays chess where he once was garnered as the champion at an event last 2007 and basketball where he was hailed as the MVP same year at the same event.


Unknown to many, Mr. Caloing is more than the techy programmer of Multi-Line. He is the techy sporty musically-inclined Systems Programmer Supervisor of Multi-Line. As much as his family and friends take pride of who he is, Multi-Line is also proud to have an amazing employee like him.


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