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Rise of a Roofing Project with Phenix Garuda

By Kervi Gella

                    “Your roof is your home’s crowning glory – a testament to your commitment to both beauty and quality.”


Last January 12, 2023, Multi-Line Structures Corporation has been awarded a multi-million project by Phenix Garuda Construction and Development Corporation. The scope of work includes the installation of Laminated World Shingles on a 3,800 square meter roof area located on one of the resorts in Tanauan, Batangas. A significant project that will showcase the aesthetics of our product to the guests and the quality of our workmanship to the developer.

In an interview with Joel Lozada, the Sales Account Specialist responsible for closing the project, he was asked on his perspective, inspirations and challenges he encountered. 


He answered, “What motivates me is the desire to win. There were factors that I took into account; 1) presentations with the designer, approval of products, and series of revisions of the contracts, and 2) a strict and tight time frame due to the client’s expectations to finish the project on time and without a need for a punch list. This was really challenging but once you finish the project, all the hardships will pay off. Then what inspires me are my previous achievements that I have shared with MDC and other developers. I believe that we need to exceed the expectations of the management.”

He also added that as the number of suppliers in the industry keeps growing, the competition gets fiercer. A sales agent must focus on their clients that believes on them and would always be grateful to their closed deals no matter how big or small it is.

The other personnel behind these projects are Mark Allan Tayo (Estimator), April Sampayan (Engineering Team Leader), Aljun Austria (Engineering Manager), Joseph Hontiveros (Project Engineer), Charly Morales (PID Team Leader) and Michael Florendo (Operations Manager).

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