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The Art of Dreams

By Renalene De Leon

When an individual discovers the uniqueness of his ability, be it simple or complicated, it gives him a feeling of happiness. 

Keith Emil Santos, an Estimator from Multi-Line Structures Corporation, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Civil Engineering. As described by some of his colleagues, he is outgoing, diligent, considerate and understanding person. As they say, he always finds ways to learn new things, and gives his best to fulfil his job.  


Keith has a heart for drawing and considers himself as a digital artist. Through this, he can put his interest into something that he can physically see and touch. His art style is mostly focused on dark settings with its subject emanating bright lights, signifying that in every undesirable situation there is always a bright side. In an interview, he stated that his interest of drawing started when he saw an artistic brand, Naolito. Captivated by the artwork, he began experimenting with the digital art and soon found out that he had a natural talent for it. “I can put my feelings, can express my day and feel satisfied with the thought of transforming my vague imagination into a vivid one.” Mr. Santos says. 

Not only he’s in love with artworks, he also tried playing guitar during his college years. Undeniably, playing guitar helps a person to connect with other people or even relieve stress. According to him, he was inspired to learn guitar while attending a worship service. 


These show how wonderful a talent is, that every ability comes from the willingness of the heart.

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