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Achievements over achievements for Atty. William Ay-Ay

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

Atty. William Ay-Ay, C.P.A., the Legal and Compliance Officer of Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation, was on the roll on his achievements as he became our new Legal and Audit Manager last March 20, 2023 and passed the recent November 2022 Bar Exam which result was announced last April 14, 2023.

Atty. William joined the company on December 20, 2022 and now is directly reporting to Mr. Aurelio Angeles, the President. In a short period of time, he showed expertise and dedication in his work. The management recognized this and offered him the position as Legal & Audit Manager of Multi-Line Group of companies. 


In an interview, Atty. William shared his thoughts on his new position. “When the management offered to me the new role, I accepted it without due hesitation. The position is rightfully a combination of my professions (as a Certified Public Accountant and as a lawyer). My expertise in both fields with my actual or hands on experiences combined, I can eventually support the company’s ambition to sustainability and growth. I am planning to practice corporate and commercial law and I am looking forward to taking advantage of the company’s diversity to compliment my competence as an accountant and as a lawyer,” he said.

A few weeks later after his promotion, Atty. William learned that he passed the bar examination. He feels like he is on the cloud nine. He also expressed his emotions upon passing. “I cannot explain my feelings but I cried as I recalled all my sacrifices. I am extremely relieved and happy. I anticipated bar examination as the most difficult to hurdle. That is why, I prepared for it even the moment I stepped in and joined my first class in law school. But as they say, life is about juggling obligations. You must master the art of multi-tasking. With my family, extracurricular activities, and full-time job, I need to study smarter not harder. I never memorized but rather understood the reasons, concepts, and principles of every provision of the law. I always made it a point to balance my mental and physical health as well as my emotional, and spiritual well-being. I am thankful to everyone who has been part of my journey specially to my family and above all to our Almighty,” he exclaimed.


With great joy, Multi-Line would like to send commendations to you. Congratulations Atty. William Ay-Ay.

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