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Two new Sectoral Operations Manager of EverFirst

By Kimberly Tianzon

Change is a scary thing, maybe because the outcomes are always unknown. It is true that the human mind is designed to find peace in knowing, but it is also true that despite an uncertain result that this change may bring, it always opens a door to new opportunities.

Despite knowing these facts, EverFirst still made a bold move to divide its operation into two sectors, the north and south sectors. Effective April 1, 2023, a hundred branches that were once handled by one Operations Manager will now be under the leadership of two managers namely, Mr. Elyjoy Conde and Ms. Krizia Mae Oliva.


The impact of this giant and abrupt change is currently uncertain, but the new managers strongly believed that it’s certainly leaning towards a healthy competition that will yield a great and positive result.


Mr. Elyjoy Conde, who worked as an Accountant for seven years, a Loan Processor of EF Novaliches for 10 months, a Branch Head of EF Camarin for three years, an Area Supervisor for two and a half years, and a District Manager for ten months has now become the new Operations Manager of 

Sector 1. His strong sense of competitiveness and his love for challenges which echoed through his previous works has brought him to where he is now. 


This new arena as Elyjoy calls it, gave him the opportunity to acquire an even broader knowledge and learning. An arena where your growth as a leader is certain and expected. With a goal that is to become better than yesterday, Elyjoy is willing to put it into realization. His expectation may seem strange to others, but he hopes to encounter problems with his current position and even with his people and be determined to face it with enthusiasm and excitement because being able to identify problems, improvement follows. To him, the words success and failure existed because somebody thought of a problem.


Ms. Krizia Mae Oliva, an Audit Head of Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation for two years became EverFirst’s Operations Manager for Sector 2. Fueled with courage, sincerity, initiative and compassion, Krizia is determined to exceed her sector’s high target and win various contests without diverting from its main goal that is to serve the customer better, faster and at a less cost. Embarking into a completely new territory is scary, but to her, staying in your comfort zone and never grow is more terrifying. So she never takes a step back from any challenge without giving a fight. Being the youngest to sit in the position is a bit frightening, but with a mindset like hers, she’ll unarguably do great and exceed everybody’s expectation. Her ability to develop fresh perspectives through her creative young mind is a competitive advantage. The incomparable amount of respect that she has to the branch personnel gave her the desire to serve them even better and with utmost effort as a leader.


Congratulations Sir Ely and Ma’am Krish!

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