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MSC conducts a product presentation for Ar. Royal Pineda

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

The Multi-Line Structures Corporation (MSC) successfully conducted a product presentation for renowned Ar. Royal Pineda, the co-founder and lead architect of Royal Pineda+ Architecture Design on May 15, 2024.


Mr. Aurelio Angeles, the president of Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation (FMC) previously met Ar. Pineda in the Philippine Institute of Architects, Inc. thanksgiving party on April 30, 2024. This productive engagement led to a product presentation for Ar. Pineda and his team at the Royal Pineda+ office.


The meeting was attended by several key figures including Ar. Pineda himself, his specifications writer, Mr. Aurelio AngelesAr. Bernard Angeles,  Ar. Rene John AsaMs.  Lilibeth  Depasupil,  and Mr. Mark Joseph Jabat.  

Multi-Line’s  multiple product lines are now being considered for ongoing and future projects of Royal Pineda+ Architecture Design.


Ar. Royal Pineda is recognized for his innovative approach that harmonizes modernist principles with traditional Filipino elements. His work is distinguished by its authenticity, sustainability, and deep connection to nature and local resources. Ar. Pineda’s notable projects include the New Clark International Airport, as well as the New Clark City Athletics Stadium and the Aquatics Center.


This collaboration emphasizes MSC’s continuous pursuit of excellence in redefining Filipino architecture for contemporary times. By integrating Multi-Line’s products, Ar. Pineda’s projects will also benefit from cutting-edge solutions that align with his vision of modern, sustainable, and authentic Filipino architecture.

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