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Barba retires after 16 years in service

By Jonalyn Garcia

Marlon Barba of Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation (FMC) officially retired on April 20, 2024. He joined FMC as an Assistant Mechanic/Driver on July 7, 2008. After a remarkable career spanning nearly 16 years, Marlon was granted a retirement benefit under the age category.


An employee of Multi-Line Group qualifies for a retirement benefit if he reaches fifty-five (55) years of age with at least five (5) years of service in the company, or if they completed twenty-five (25) years of service in the company, whichever comes first. Marlon turned 55 years old on April 20, 1969.


Furthermore, Marlon expressed a desire to continue his service in the company after his retirement, and the management has granted his request in accordance with the  company’s  guidelines.   This   decision   underscores 

Marlon Barba

Marlon’s ongoing commitment to the company’s success and the value he brings through his extensive experience and expertise.

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