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FMC welcomes new Purchasing Manager

By Jashmin Macalinao

On May 27, 2024, Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation (FMC) warmly welcomed Ms. Denora Lagrimas as its new Purchasing Manager. Her track record from her previous employers in different industries instilled confidence in the management to hire her.


Ms. Lagrimas graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at STI College Cubao. “My course is not really related to what I am doing right now. I should be working as a software developer in an IT industry but because of financial challenges, I decided to work in the manufacturing industry while I’m still in college and so I continued up to now,” she stated.


Ms. Lagrimas also mentioned some things she does to free her mind from work-related stress. “When I’m stressed, I normally open the TikTok app and  sometimes 

do the trends. This is not a habit but it helps me relax and reduce my stress at work.”


Ms. Lagrimas expects good supplier relationships, right manpower workload, supplier terms adjustment and price negotiations in her current role. FMC is thrilled to have Ms. Denora Lagrimas in the company and eagerly anticipate her contributions to our company’s continued success.

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