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Multi-Line and EverFirst showcase high re-hiring rate

By Francis Kenneth Billones

Multi-Line and EverFirst maintain a high re-hiring rate among their retirees, demonstrating the willingness of former employees to return and continue contributing to the company’s success.


Currently, Multi-Line and EverFirst have seen thirty (30) of their valued employees retire since August 31, 2017 to present. Out of the 30 retirees, 13 have officially retired, choosing to enjoy their retirement years after their dedicated service.


On the other hand, 17 retirees found the work environment and opportunities at Multi-Line and EverFirst persuasive enough to re-apply, indicating their interest in continuing their careers with the company.

The high re-hiring rate is also evidence of the company’s strong commitment and effective enculturation among its employees.


Multi-Line and EverFirst acknowledge their retirees’ hard work and dedication, whether they choose to rejoin their company or move on to new adventures. Each retiree has played a crucial role in building the company’s legacy and will always be a valued part of the Multi-Line and EverFirst family.

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