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Paradigm shifting: Insights from the ENC program

By Jonalyn Garcia

The book, “Our People and Culture, Our Competitive Advantage”, also known as the Fuchsia Book, led to the creation of the Enculturation (ENC) program. This program helps employees succeed by fostering a company culture focused on excellent customer service, maintaining market competitiveness, and upholding corporate values.


Charlene Mae Napalit, an accounting supervisor with seven years of dedicated service, exemplifies the power of continuous learning and personal growth. Among the many topics she has learned in the ENC program, “Paradigm shifting” stands out as her favorite topic. She relates this concept to her personal life, especially in overcoming problems and struggles.


Charlene has applied the principles of paradigm shifting in various aspects of her life. She shares, “When  I  was  in

school, I disliked speaking in front of others or participating in recitations. I found it challenging to communicate effectively when all eyes were on me.” However, EverFirst helped her overcome this shyness. “From being someone who was quiet and often overlooked, I now actively contribute my insights to discussions with my colleagues. I confidently give speeches and conduct interviews with job applicants. This experience has led to a re-evaluation and shift in my outlook and lifestyle, fostering a new perspective and approach to life,”  Charlene elaborates.


She acknowledges that while our instinct may be to resolve problems immediately, the seven steps of paradigm shifting emphasize the importance of taking time and following a process to adapt to change.


As a speaker herself in the ENC program, Charlene emphasizes the importance of engaging the audience. “As a speaker, first, you have to study and fully understand your topic. Next, prepare practical examples, such as experiences from your work and personal encounters related to the topic, to illustrate your points effectively. Lastly, be cheerful. We all know that EverFirst people are jolly individuals, so you just have to connect with their vibe,”  Charlene advises.


Charlene Mae Napalit’s approach to paradigm shifting and the ENC program as a whole highlights the importance of adaptability, patience, and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges and fostering personal and professional growth.

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