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Marvin’s Delightful Dishes

By Marian Christine de Leon

Mr. Marvin Gorneo

Multi-Line Group is certainly a company full of talented employees. Among them is Marvin Gorneo, a Warehouse Supervisor from MSC-CDO (Multi-Line Structures Corporation-Cebu Depot Operations). In his free time, he enjoys cooking delicious meals.


In an interview with Marvin, when asked about his love for cooking and who influenced him, he said, “When I was young, I love seeing my mama cooking, so siya yung naging big influence sa hilig ko sa pagluluto. Siya yung nagturo talaga and maybe na inherit ko sa kanya yung pagkahilig sa pagluluto.”


He also shared that when he was in college, he was one of his school’s endorsers in a poster where he was dressed as a Master Chef. He also shared pictures of the delightful dishes he makes for family gatherings and special occasions. These are paklay, patotin, kalderetang kambing, and boneless lechon.

Marvin also said in the interview that what he loves most about cooking is that whenever he cooks, the people he cooks for enjoy the taste of his cooking and appreciate him. This is why he associates cooking with happiness— he is doing what he loves for the people he loves.

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