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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Launching a new character

By Aurelio O. Angeles

I have always wondered how to serve customers better and increase their numbers.


An attractive brand is a critical element, is it not?


But what is a brand? 


It is the sum total of the experiences of customers of the product or the company. It may be the company’s history, type of products, advertising and promotions, sales or purchase, after-sales service and many more. It may even be the market’s experience of seeing the company’s well-maintained delivery trucks and respectful delivery helpers.


Brand is not created in the minds of customers and not just as a result of advertisements. It is the whole gamut of experiences accumulated in the minds and hearts of customers.


And so, when I thought of participating in Worldbex, the thought came: “How should we design and execute our booth to attract customers and key decision makers in the industry?


The result: our booth in Worldbex 2024. Clearly it is just the beginning of a long journey of building up our character in the market place. But it is a great beginning. It sets a high standard for our people to follow and to be proud of.

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