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Argie Tenebro – Finally Stepping Into the Limelight

By Kimberly Tianzon

Neal Donald Walsch said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Your shyness won’t get you anywhere, but confidence does.


Mr. Argie Tenebro, a Rider from EF Camarin, is also a professional bassist and guitarist. He joined EverFirst 7 years ago but only showed his other side once. He’s not a fan of public attention in his workplace, so he keeps refusing every time he’s been asked to play at any event in the company. However, he finally decided to play bass guitar for the recording of the first ever jingle of EverFirst and even played beat box during the live performance of the same song last July 8, 2022.


During the day, he enjoys riding in his motorcycle as a rider – visiting clients’ homes and travelling from Camarin Branch to Head Office to deliver and collect documents. At night, he’s busy with honing his guitar skills and enjoyed playing his electric bass guitar as a hobby.

Mr. Tenebro started playing an electric bass guitar when he was in high school in 2006. At first, he did not even have the slightest interest in music, much more in playing a musical instrument. He’s one of those typical teenagers who loves playing basketball. 


He was invited to one of his friends’ session play bass guitar. Out of curiosity, he agreed on learning how to play and he eventually fell in love with the thought of becoming a bassist. His musician friends played a vital role into discovering what he really wanted to do in life and he’s grateful to all of them.


After learning that he can actually play a bass guitar, he started investing into music by asking his father to teach him more since his father is also a musician. While he enjoyed an alternative rock genre, his father is into classical and folk songs. It’s true that both genres are too diverse to share interest with, but their love for guitars made them develop a relationship many would envy. When asked about the main reason as to why he pursued becoming a professional bassist or guitarist, he replied, “My father is my inspiration. I also get to learn a lot of things through music or by being in a band. It taught me several values including discipline, patience and humility. Kailangan mo ng tiyaga para mapag-aralan ang gusto mong instrument. Kailangan ng disiplina at focus para lalo pang mapaghusayan ang pagtugtog. Higit sa lahat, natutunan kong huwag maliitin ang ibang musician na hindi pa ganun kagaling dahil doon din ako nanggaling. Kapag may natutunan ka na higit pa sa alam nila, ishare mo ito sa kanila.”


He only played once in an EverFirst event even though his band has won several Battle of the Bands competition since 2006. His reason, It’s because he is shy and he believes that his skills aren’t enough to be showcased in front of his co-workers. Fortunately, he finally decided to walk out of his comfort zone and share his talent when he joined a bunch of Everfirst musicians in creating the company’s jingle.


Thank you for stepping into the limelight, Argie!

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