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EverFirst reaches P747 million annual sales target

By Fauline Go

It was a double success for EverFirst Loans Corporation (EF) for achieving the P660 million high annual target for year 2023 and for accomplishing another challenge by surpassing P720 million.


As early as January 2024, EverFirst met the high target of P660 million. Motivated by this early success, Mr. Rey Angeles, the president, challenged the team to aim even higher, setting a new target of P720 million until March 31, 2024. Once they reach it, the entire EverFirst will have a day tour, which is a first in company history.


As of March 31, 2024, EverFirst has successfully accumulated around P747 million in annual sales. This milestone was made possible because of the hardwork and dedication of all EF employees in both operations and support groups.

Ms. Charito Geguiera, EverFirst’s General Manager, shares her joy, stating, “Dahil yan sa Spirit of Competitiveness ng bawat isa sa EverFirst. Very exciting, dahil up to the last minute ng contest buhay na buhay ang competition.”


As promised, EverFirst will organize an exciting day trip for all EF employees to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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