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Step by step: The footsteps of leadership

By Jonalyn Garcia

Meet Jessie Vicencio, more popularly known as “Jhace”, the branch head of EverFirst Loans Corporation (EF) JP Rizal. At age 30, Jhace isn’t your average leader; he has excellent performing skills where he shines as a dancer and choreographer. Throughout his journey, spanning from his youth to his current leadership role, Jhace has consistently nurtured his creativity.


Hailing from the small town of Nueva Ecija, a young Jhace Vicencio discovered solace and joy on the dance floor. Competing in barangay events with friends, dancing became more than just a pastime for him. It became a lifeline, steering him away from negative influences and towards self-expression.

Transitioning into adulthood, Jhace’s love for dance evolved into a passion for choreography. 


From teaching Zumba to choreographing a school competition in Caloocan at 19, he found his calling in shaping movement and inspiring others through dance.


His journey led him to EverFirst, where he continued being a choreographer. The first event where Jhace choreographed a dance for EF was the 2019 Christmas party, and since then, he has been the company’s go-to choreographer, even for EF’s 25th Anniversary celebration. He is eager to choreograph future EF events as he is proud to be part of the company’s dance legacy.


Looking ahead, Jhace remains committed to his craft, eager to continue inspiring through dance. “For me, creating steps is quite easy, especially when you do it with passion and heart. Discovering steps and choreographing movements is like narrating a story. You just need to listen to the music and let it inspire you. By expressing your emotions and translating them into movements, you can create steps that are full of life and meaning,” says Jhace.

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