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Our products

Our group of companies is a one-stop shop for fire alarm, security, CCTV,
parking guidance, gate automation, building management, structured cabling,
PABX, entry phone, GPS tracking and other building systems.

We also supply and install asphalt roof shingles, stone-coated metal roof,
Balinese Shakes, Spanish clay roof tiles, Japanese flat roof tiles.

Looking for aluminum composite panels for your wall cladding? Or aluminum ceiling? We supply, distribute and install these too!

Our customers

Whom do we serve?

Property developments, resorts, malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, high/mid/low-rise buildings, industrial facilities, airports and seaports are some of them.

Homes, offices, shops and barangays will complete the picture.

Whom do we work with to serve our customers?

Architects, designers, consultants, general contractors, specialty contractors, construction managers, facilities managers.

Our group's business philosophy

The reason for doing business is not profit. It is dedicated, expert and honest service to customers. Profit comes only as a result of providing this type of business to many satisfied customers.

Skills and technology are very important in the development of our business. However, the character and values of our people play even greater role. They determine the level of skills and technology we apply in serving our customers from day to day. They define the longterm relationship of our company with its customers, suppliers and our own people.

In the end, we believe that our competitive advantage in the market place rests not just on our products, pricing and technology, but on our corporate culture. We rise and fall with our culture in serving our customers better, faster and at less cost.
Multi-Line Companies

Multi-Line Building
Systems, Inc.

  • Fire Alarm
  • CCTV,
    Security and Surveillance
  • Building Management
  • Structured Cabling
  • PABX
  • Parking Guidance
  • more...

Systems, Inc.

  • Roof Shingles
  • Stone-
    Coated Metal Roof
  • Clay Roof
  • Flooring
  • more...

Structures Corp.

  • Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Aluminum Ceiling
  • Aluminum Windows and Doors
  • Geosythetics

Ventures Corp.

   All Products of:

  • Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc.
  • Multi-Line Systems, Inc.
  • Multi-Line Structures Corp.

Filipinas Corp.

  • Export of Filipino

Loans Corp.

  • Loans to SSS pensioners



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