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EverFirst’s Newly Promoted BH OICs

By Kimberly Tiamzon

Due to pandemic, several businesses have closed down because of financial difficulties. EverFirst Loans Corporation, on the other hand, have opened several new branches which has brought employment to people and promotions to its employees.


Since the last week of September until the second week of October 2022, the company gifted four of its employees a promotion that was unexpected but an aspired one.


Mr. Robert Solayao, a Loan Processor of Paliparan branch who joined the company last 2018 became Branch Head OIC of Candelaria branch effective September 28, 2022.

Ms. Rachelle Dalaodao, who spent 3 years at Litex branch and another 1 year at Montalban branch as Loan Processor, was promoted as Branch Head OIC of Q. Mart branch last October 3, 2022,


Ms. Mariecris Capalos who has been with Calamba branch as Loan Processor since 2015 was also promoted as Brand Head OIC of Tanauan branch last October 8, 2022.


Lastly, Ms. Dianne Eve Muyo from Kiko branch was promoted as Branch Head OIC of Apalit branch last October 10, 2022, just two weeks before her 5th anniversary as Loan Processor.


They may all come from different branches, but they all share a common goal. They all want their branches to become known in their respective areas through good marketing in order to increase sales, not just by gaining more clients, but to establish a strong relationship with them by serving them well and treating them as kings and queens. They also hope for their branch and their people to receive awards and recognitions by winning at any company initiated contests by means of motivating them and promoting teamwork.


They have all endured hardships and worked hard to achieve that promotion. And even though that promotion has given them more pressure, they are all willing to embrace their new positions and treat it as an opportunity to do better, gain new experience, and learn more things. They are all fully aware of the new and heavier responsibilities that has been entrusted to them by the company, so they all plan to develop greater sense of responsibility and work harder for their goals. They are a little bit overwhelmed, but they are also very excited for their new role.


Congratulations everyone!

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