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A Step Higher

By Rina Cruz

Ms. Lilibeth Depasupil

From being a Sales Supervisor handling North areas, Ms. Lilibeth Depasupil got promoted as District Sales Manager for North area of Multi-Line Structures Corporation on June 1, 2022.


Ms. Depasupil started as Product Sales Consultant in Multi-Line Design Systems, Inc. where she would sell and promote roofing products. Year after year, she continuously hit her monthly sales quota and gathered new clients for the company. 


Despite the challenges along the way, Ms. Depasupil continued to strive harder and do better in her work; and because the management had seen her efforts, she was given a promotion to be one of the supervisors in the Sales Department on April 1, 2015. 

Here is the transcript of Ms. Depasupil’s interview:


Q: What made you accept the offer to be the District Sales Manager? 


A: As I grew older, I realized that this is the right moment for me to share and create a new version of myself. I want to share my expertise with my team by teaching them all the things that I have learned through the years. And also, with the support showed by some people around me, I decided to grab the offer.


Q: Handling a group of people is not new to you since you were a supervisor before. How will you now handle your team as a manager?


A: The difference between being a supervisor and a manager is that I can now do my own strategy based on my actual field experiences. I can now take action and decide immediately on my team’s concerns. Being a manager is not just giving commands all the time; it is showing your team how to do the job right to create a positive result. It is a commitment both to the company and to your team.


Q: What challenges are you experiencing right now?


A: First, ‘Gawing madali ang mahirap’ sa lahat ng aspeto sa trabaho. Second, to make my team sell all MSC products, especially Gecko Accelerograph, even in provincial areas.


Q: What are your goals for your team?


A: Aside from meeting my group quota, my goal is to make everyone in my team excel in their jobs (walang kulelat lahat makaka-meet ng quota) and to continuously learn from the challenges that they encounter in selling. I also want them to be self-reliant and independent.


To handle a bigger a responsibility is not an easy task. One must be strategic, dedicated, and focused to attain the team’s goal. Indeed, the courage to accept bigger challenges will surely lead you to new and exciting opportunities to grow.


Congratulations on your promotion, Ma’am Beth! 

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