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Defining Spaces: Uniting minds in construction

By Alexandra Mae Cruz

On February 25, 2024, Multi-Line’s Davao Depot Operations (DDO) unveiled their booth at the Defining Spaces event, serving as a testament to innovation and collaboration in the construction industry. 

Defining Spaces, led by the United Architects of the Philippines – Davao Chapter (UAP Davao), has been an annual highlight since its inception in 2007. The three-day event brought the building and design industry together for a mix of fun and learning. Apart from the exhibit, it offered technical discussions, games, competitions, performances, and fashion shows.

The DDO personnel namely Manuel Magallen (Project Manager), Lea Zurita (Product Sales Consultant) and Maria Theresa Allas (Product Sales Consultant) facilitated the booth in the said event. 

“[We want] to show the world what we’re made of – and to invite everyone to be a part of our journey towards redefining excellence in construction,” Magallen says. 

The Multi-Line booth showcased different Multi-Line products such as roofing, ACP, WPC, PVC, and geometric solid aluminum panels, WorldCraft furniture and auxiliary systems. 

This event cemented Multi-Line’s superiority in the building and design industry. “Our presence at Defining Spaces isn’t just about sales; it’s about solidifying our reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier,” Magallen concludes.  

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