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Dino J. Maghirang: A journey of dedication and perseverance

by Francis Kenneth Billones

Dino J. Maghirang, also known as DJM, is the General Manager of Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc. (MBI). Despite his high-ranking position, you might mistake him for just another employee as he enjoys eating in the cafeteria and chatting with other employees and new hires during break time. But beneath his ordinary character lies a wealth of experience and dedication to his craft.

DJM’s journey in the construction industry began with his Electrical Engineering degree from Adamson University in 1983, and successfully passing the PRC Licensure examinations for Assistant Electrical Engineer the following year. His early career saw him serving as a Project Engineer/Estimator-Draftsman in various construction companies, where he honed the skills that laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

In 1990, DJM pursued graduate studies in Construction Management at Ateneo De Manila University, further enriching his expertise. Since joining MBI as a Project Engineer in 1988, he’s always been committed to finishing whatever project he starts.

Despite receiving tempting job offers both local and abroad, DJM’s unwavering loyalty to Multi-Line is truly commendable. His commitment to his growing family, partnered with his admirable work ethic keeps him rooted in the company. He faced numerous difficulties as well, but he stayed determined to solve them.

One of the challenges he faced was when he needed to program a 4100ES system for one of MBI’s projects. He shared that he had to wait until midnight to seek assistance from technical personnel in the US at odd hours. His determination prevailed, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Throughout his career, DJM has been a pioneer in innovation, leading the way in exploring and adopting new products and methods within the company. His influence extends beyond mere execution, as he has crafted numerous guidelines and procedures that have enhanced MBI operations.

For DJM, his success is measured in the satisfaction of his clients. He finds fulfillment in knowing that his work not only meets but exceeds the expectations of customers, earning him great compliments and appreciative comments.

As he celebrates his 63rd birthday on March 30, 2024, DJM’s journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. His legacy of excellence will continue to be an inspiration for the next generation of Multi-Line employees.


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