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Aldrin Aying: The New Sales and Operations Manager of WorldCraft

By Kimberly Tianzon

There’s no need to rush. What’s meant for you will always be for you. Most of us have practiced a profession that’s too far from what we’ve studied. It’s not because we didn’t like our course, it’s just that destiny has worked so hard to put us into the right place and most of us have chosen to side with destiny and pursue what we truly wanted to do.


Who would’ve thought that a Physical Therapy graduate will enter the sales industry and eventually become a Sales and Operations Manager someday?


Mr. Aldrin Aying is an alumnus of Emilio Aguinaldo College Batch 2004. He studied Physical Therapy, but chose to enter the sales industry on his first job. Through years of continuous learning and practice, he became fond of the said field and even dreamed of becoming the best Sales Manager in whatever company that he’s in.

By being a Vice President for Sales in his previous work and a results-oriented individual, Mr. Aying managed to become WorldCraft’s Sales and Operations Manager last November 24, 2022. He aims to exceed the sales team’s target quota and to be able to saturate WorldCraft’s target market nationwide by training his people to sell efficiently and effectively through strategic direction. He intends to develop a specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and time bound goals by planning them well and taking actions.


Mr. Aying’s looking forward to the company’s enculturation in order to improve himself as a person. He also expects his people to work with integrity and to display a positive and respectful attitude in the workplace. He’s more than happy to lead his team and to face whatever challenges that lies ahead. 


To Mr. Aying, becoming a Sales Manager is every salesman’s dream, but it does not define 100% success. True success for him is when you’ll be able stay as a Sales Manager in the company for a long time despite the challenges that the position may offer.


Continue to pursue your passion in the sales industry and keep inspiring people to pursue theirs, too Sir Aldrin!

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