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Courageously Ending the Year 2022

By Rina Cruz

Just last month, Elmer Dacula Jr.’s request to upgrade his monthly sales quota from P1.00M to P1.50M has been granted by the management. This took effect on December 1, 2022.


The 32-year-old Product Sales Consultant of Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc., has been with the company for more than 3 years now. There are times that he still fails to meet his monthly quota but whenever he does, he would always bounce back higher.


Upgrading a monthly quota in this time of pandemic might seem to be impossible for some but Mr. Dacula firmly believes that his goal is achievable with continuous dedication in his work.

In an interview with Mr. Dacula, he shared how he closes a deal with a client, “After getting to know the needs of the client in his project, I try to befriend him/her so that he can give me information regarding the pricing and products offered by our competitors as well as other information on their other projects. Above all, I make the client feel that I want to help him/her finish his project timely and properly.”


With enough courage and faith in God and in one’s self, the impossible becomes possible.

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