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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

The Baker King of CDO

By Ralph Aldrin Dacara

Cake blowing has become a practice in every event like birthdays, promotions, victory celebrations and many more. But, what if you can create your own cake? That would be cool, right?

In Cebu Depot Operations, there is a man who can make sweet and beautiful cakes on his own. His name is Mark Anjo Valles. He is the Admin Assistant of CDO since October 10, 2022. 


In an interview, Anjo was asked on how he learned such skill. “When the TEDSA in our municipality, San Remigio of the Northern part of Cebu, offered a scholarship on cake making under Sugbo Kahanas Program of Gov. Gwen Garcia together with SK Federation President Hon. Rubio, I grabbed the opportunity because I love baking. Also, something has triggered me to know more because I believe that life is a continuous learning process,” he said. 


“During my Senior High School days, I was inspired a lot by my TLE Teacher when she shared to us the process of making cakes. For me, when you put love on baking, it reflects on what you bake,” Anjo added.

Such skills are awesome to be learned. And Anjo showed everyone that when you are passionate about one thing, one must make an effort to learn it.

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