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Charito Geguiera: A 29-year journey with EverFirst Loans Corporation

by Francis Kenneth Billones

Charito Geguiera, known to most as Charie, is the General Manager of EverFirst Loans Corporation (EF). She has been serving the company for 29 years since August 23, 1994, as a bookkeeper of Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation.


Charie’s initial role transitioned to accounts payable clerk for Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc., showcasing her volunteerism to ease the burden on the chief accountant. She also serves as a liaison for the company doing the paperwork for SEC, BIR, Registry of Deeds, City Hall, and City Engineer. She also coordinated with the Department of Public Works and Highways before the company acquired properties to check if they would not be affected by any road widening works of the government.

While juggling these responsibilities, Charie played a pivotal role in the birth of EF in 1997. She initially volunteered to assist the supervisor in handling the business and eventually took over the management. During this time, she faced the challenges of fostering EF’s growth amid the difficulties posed by the Asian Crisis in 1997.

She learned to negotiate with bank managers, postmasters, and government offices to secure necessary listings and approvals. Despite these hurdles, Charie finds joy in witnessing the growth of EF, not just as a lending company but as a source of livelihood for both clients and employees.

Charie conveyed her deep appreciation and takes pride in contributing to the growth of EF even during the challenging year of 2020 amidst the pandemic – an accomplishment she holds dear due to the trust placed in her by Mr. Rey Angeles, Ms. Bee Angeles, and their entire family. She genuinely values the mutual trust that binds them together. 

Charie’s motivation also stems from the continuous guidance provided by Mr. Rey Angeles, emphasizing the importance of the Enculturation shared within the company.

Charie highlights that her most significant achievement occurred during the transition when EF became the source of funds for Multi-Line. This is a realization of her long-standing wish for financial stability. Her significant achievements include meeting annual sales targets and the accomplishment of having 100 branches by the close of 2022. In the face of challenges encountered in 2020, EF persisted and successfully reached its annual sales target, showcasing the team’s resilience and spirit of competitiveness.

As EF looks forward to the future, aiming for 200 branches before Mr. Rey Angeles’ retirement, Charie’s journey continues to be a beacon of inspiration. Her story embodies the values of dedication, joy in work, and the pursuit of dreams that shape the remarkable legacy of EverFirst Loans Corporation. Cheers to more branches, more clients, and continued success!


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