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Troubleshooting, negotiations and deals

By Rina Cruz

On January 26, 2024, Mr. Jon Jon Meneses, the MBI Service Supervisor, traveled to Cebu to assist our Cebu Depot Operations (CDO) personnel in addressing a critical issue in Ayala Center Cebu Main Mall project. This involved the transition of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (FDAS) from Mircom to Simplex, for both main and expansion malls.


Upon his arrival at the ACC Mall project site, Meneses immediately gathered facts to assess the technical problem in collaboration with Mr. Paul William Alberto, the Service Manager, and Mr. Larry Villordon, the MSC Project Engineer. Together, they analyzed the situation and came up with a range of solutions.


As Alberto joined the team on January 29, 2024, a meeting was arranged with the clients. In this session, Meneses, Alberto and Villordon presented their findings and discussed several aspects to meet the client’s requirement and budget.

As of the latest update, the team has successfully secured a deal worth approximately P900,000.00 for the first phase of the project. Commencing in February 2024, this phase is scheduled to be completed within a month. Looking ahead to the next phase, they anticipate finalizing multiple deals totaling around P5,000,000.00.


Furthermore, Alberto and Meneses also extended their expertise to CDO personnel during site inspections at 1061 Residences for Cooper FDAS brand and Alcoves Residences for Simplex FDAS brand, both managed by Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC).

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