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Luz Gastilo: A legacy of dedication, resilience, and valuable contributions

By Francis Kenneth Billones

Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation’s (FMC) HR Manager, Ms. Luz Gastilo, marked her 33 years of commitment to the Multi-Line group in November 2023. She holds the distinction of being the second longest-serving employee at FMC, next only to Mr. Rey Angeles.

Luz’s journey commenced with a BS in Commerce Major in Management from the University of St. Anthony in Iriga City, Camarines Sur in 1990. Eager to contribute financially to her family, she initiated her professional career as a Records Clerk at Liberty Commercial Center in Legaspi City. However, her quest for challenges and growth propelled her to seek new opportunities.

Venturing to Manila, Luz’s connection with her cousin, Myrna Valenzuela,  became a  pivotal  link  to  FMC.  Her  memorable interview with  HR  Admin  and  Mr. Rey  Angeles  marked  the 

beginning of her role as a Sales Secretary, where she answered client inquiries using the distinctive black and white telephones on her desk.

In her early months at FMC, Luz handled roles such as Petty Cash Custodian under Ms. Helen Orjaliza of the accounting department and Admin Assistant under the training and guidance of Ms. Liz Lubrin. Her flexibility in the roles she performed led to her promotion to Admin/Purchasing Supervisor where she handled the HR and Purchasing in June 1995. During this period, she participated in seminars, such as the Dynamics & Techniques of Supervision Seminar, recommended by Mr. Angeles.

Luz’s journey further ascended as she assumed the role of Admin Manager from June 2006 to June 2011, followed by her appointment as HR Manager from July 2011 until the present. She continued working even after her mandatory retirement based on the company’s guidelines in January 2020, citing her youthfulness, desire to contribute, and contentment with her work.

During her tenure, Luz faced challenges, such as dealing with a scam in the Purchasing Department where she covered the amount deceived, and everyday learning experiences under Mr. Rey and Mrs. Bee Angeles’ guidance. Though she occasionally contemplated exploring opportunities elsewhere, she attributes her continued commitment to the caring support received from Mr. and Mrs. Angeles, whom she regards as her second parents away from home.

Luz’s commitment to both organizational and personal responsibilities highlights her valuable contributions to the company and family life. She strategically implemented human relations initiatives for the company’s benefit, nurtured the professional growth of her former subordinates, and successfully met the needs of her family.

Looking towards the future, Luz aims to find and develop a successor with integrity, courage, and a commitment to uphold the company’s principles taught in the enculturation seminar.

To those starting their careers at Multi-Line, she imparts valuable advice: find joy in what you do, appreciate what is present, and approach your work with passion. She encourages young employees not to constantly yearn for what’s lacking but to appreciate the opportunities around them.

Ms. Luz Gastilo’s legacy is marked by her determination, development, and significant influence on the Multi-Line family. As she continues to contribute to the company, her story stands as an inspiration for the next generation of employees embarking on their journeys at Multi-Line and EverFirst.

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