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Charlene’s Road to Success

By Kimberly Tianzon

Ms. Charlene Mae Napalit

Success never comes easy and there is no fixed formula to get it. Each and every one of us has our own unique formula to attain it. For Charlene, her formula is hardwork plus focus and motivation, minus excuses.


Charlene Mae Napalit first joined EverFirst Loans Corporation on September 13, 2016 with the objective of earning an income to practice what she learned in school. She completed her studies at the Philippine School of Business Administration in Aurora, Quezon City. After graduation, she worked as a call center agent while reviewing for CPALE (Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam) because she thought it would be good to earn some money while reviewing. After six months of gaining some experience in the BPO industry, she finally decided to move into an industry where she truly belongs. This is where her story with EverFirst began. 

Charlene started working as an Accounting Assistant under the supervision of Mr. Jericho Tumala. As the newest member in the group, people had very strong impressions about her. Some would say that she was tough and unapproachable because she has an aura that can quiet an entire room the moment she walks into it; but that simply isn’t true. Charlene is the complete opposite of this once you get to know her.


After being an Accounting Assistant for quite some time, her motivations and goals became bigger. She started wanting to become an inspiration not only to her family, but also to her colleagues.


When asked about her definition of gaining success, Charlene said, “Yung ako na yung example ng mga kapamilya ko sa younger generation. Kapag sinasabi nilang ‘gayahin niyo si Tita Chalen’“. Surely, becoming a role model means that you have done well and that you have made an impact on someone’s life.


Charlene painstakingly began working toward achieving her goal without complaining and she was eventually chosen as a candidate for General Accountant however, it wasn’t her time yet. Instead of taking it as a failure, she took it as a learning experience and stayed focused. As fate would have it, on June 1, 2022, she finally got promoted to General Accountant. Her time to shine finally came.


With promotion always comes greater responsibility and challenges. It requires maximum effort and dedication, and Charlene is ready for all of it.


Congratulations on your promotion, Charlene!

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