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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Haidee’s Artistic Hands

By Krizia Mae Oliva

Ms. Haidee Suarez

Artists are people who see the world through different eyes. They are able to capture something from everyday life and turn it into something extraordinary.


Ms. Haidee Suarez is a Financial Analyst under Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation (FMC). During her free time, Haidee does a lot of acrylic painting mostly focusing on sceneries and portraits. Her style is expressive, colorful, and has its own distinct flair. She thinks she inherited her talent from both of her artistic grandfathers who are very close to her. Her grandfather from her dad’s side is a sculptor while her grandfather from her mom’s side sketches portraits. 


Haidee’s parents discovered her talent when she was 7 years old. She just borrowed her friend’s crayons to use for a project, but she ended up creating one of the most beautiful projects in her class. Her parents bought her own crayons and she won many poster making contests from then on because of her artistic hands. 

She makes sure to cultivate her talents by continuous learning. She enrolled herself in an online course for Digital Painting and Graphic Design which she will complete this July. 


For Haidee, art is one of the things which gives meaning to her life. It gives her a deeper understanding of her emotions, helps her become more self-aware, and gives her an avenue to express her inner thoughts. It made opening up and becoming open to new ideas or experiences easier for her. Art helped her become a better version of herself.

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