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FMC welcomes new HR Supervisor

by Jonalyn Garcia

Last September 4, 2023, Vivian Dajay joined Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation as its new HR Supervisor and is entrusted with supervising a team of 7 HR Assistants.

Vivian was a graduate of BS Psychology in Far Eastern University last 2000. Prior to Multi-Line, she has accumulated 14 years of experience as an HR Administrator in the Middle East including UAE, Qatar, and Oman. Throughout the tenure of her career in the Middle East, she honed her HR skills and expertise, acquiring thorough understanding of the challenges and demands within the industry. In addition, she accumulated another 3 years of notable experience as an HR Supervisor within both the furniture and healthcare sectors in the Philippines.


Considering on her new role, Vivian shared how her responsibilities have remarkably evolved. The shift in team size and composition has led to new challenges. Nonetheless, she is confident that this transition will be extremely beneficial. 

When asked about her expectations and goals, Vivian said, “My expectations and goals are rooted in shaping the company’s future by enduring a positive work culture, fostering employee’s growth and well-being, and compliance to labor laws. By aligning HR practices with the company’s vision and mission, I believe we can build a stronger, more resilient workplace that benefits everyone involved.”


In response on how can she contribute to the growth of the organization, Vivian expresses her sentiments, stating, “I believe that cultivating a motivated and highly skilled workforce along with implementing effective HR programs will contribute to the success of the organization.”


The journey of transitioning into this role requires an effective communication, willingness to learn new things constantly, and a thorough understanding of the mission and culture of the organization. May your career in HR be fulfilling and beneficial for both you and the company.


Welcome aboard Ma’am Viv! Scriptum openly welcomes you to Multi-Line family!

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