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New Imus Warehouse Supervisor

By Jonalyn Garcia

Multi-Line Structures Corporation is pleased to welcome its new employee, Ferdinand Llantada, who is the new Warehouse Supervisor for Imus.

Ferdinand officially embraced his journey in MSC on September 4, 2023, carrying alongside with him a bundle of noteworthy experiences. He was a graduate of Electrical Engineering Technology in TUP – Manila last 1998. Prior to Multi-Line, he has been of service in different countries including Riyadh, South Africa, Algeria, and Oman as a Material Controller Supervisor. He gained his knowledge for a supervisory role from his previous job here in the Philippines. With his vast knowledge and significant experience, it led him to the position where he is today.


Ferdinand’s role is not only crucial but also challenging. It includes many important tasks such as monitoring and keeping sufficient stocks on the warehouse mostly those fast-moving items and making sure that there are available stocks on those items that are on sale. He will also supervise and verify the items released from the warehouse. Furthermore, he is mainly charged in validating the sales in the system.

According to Ferdinand, as a supervisor, apart from guiding the improvement in employee’s performance, his goal is also to actively help strengthen the business and enhance its reputation. Taking that into consideration, he is looking forward for a big support and guidance from his immediate superior.


When asked to share his tips on how to maintain a stable career path, Ferdinand mentioned some great pointers such as 1) praying for guidance and protection or the whole team, 2) having the right attitude, 3) stay informed about your employer, 4) evaluate yourself, 5) don’t complain and many more. He is thankful and blessed to the management for entrusting him with his position at the warehouse. 


Congratulations Sir Ferdie! Welcome to Multi-Line family!

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