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Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

From Loans to Lenses

By Rina Cruz

Way back on April 12, 2016, Gerald Dela Cruz joined EverFirst Loans Corporation as a Loan Consultant at San Mateo branch. Later, he moved to Concepcion branch and eventually assumed the role of a C.I./Collector at Rosario branch. 

Gerald’s career became more interesting when he got an opportunity in the EF Marketing Department. As the management announces the need for a Field Marketing Assistant, he expressed his interest and was fortunate enough to secure the position. However, this transition was not easy. He undergone an intensive training program to master the art of photography, an essential skill for his new role, by enrolling in a special class financed by the company to learn the fundamentals of photography and graphics. And with unwavering perseverance and support of his superiors and colleagues, he successfully achieved his goal, eventually becoming the official Photographer for Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation.


Outside his professional life, Gerald has many various skills and things he likes to do. He’s a passionate basketball player, often engaging in friendly matches with his colleagues from Multi-Line and EverFirst. They also have this so-called annual liga which brings them together to celebrate their shared love for the sport. While his basketball skills began to shine at the age of 17, music holds the title of his first love. 

Gerald’s deep passion for music drove him to master the art of drumming during his high school years. He became a member of a band during this time, though the group disbanded during college to prioritize their studies.


In addition to his musical talents, Gerald is a great cook. He enjoys preparing meals for both his family and friends. Some of his signature dishes include adobo and sisig. These dishes are now favorites among those lucky enough to taste his cooking.


Gerald’s talent for mimicry is another skill that he possesses. He began honing this skill during high school after watching a television show featuring a remarkable impersonator, which sparked his interest in mimicking voices and actions.


Now in his seventh year with the company, Gerald remains open to new opportunities that may arise, all in the pursuit of providing for his family, particularly his son, who is currently in the 11th grade. His dedication to both his professional growth and personal passions continues to shape his fulfilling journey in the company.

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