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2nd quarter challenge awarding for EverFirst

By Jonalyn Garcia

On November 10, 2023, an awarding ceremony took place at Mayaman Car Park, commemorating the achievements of the second quarter challenge covering June 2023 to August 2023.

The quarterly challenges were divided into two categories: 1) Branch Growth and 2) Branch Productivity and Efficiency. With each branch being represented by its respective branch head, anticipation filled the room as the winners were disclosed one by one.

In the Branch Growth category, three challenges were included. 

For the “Hit the Revenue Target” challenge, 80 branches won, each receiving a prize of P4,000.00. In this challenge, branches need to achieve the assigned revenue target for the quarter. 

In the “Total Number of Clients” challenge, 3 branches succeeded earning a prize of P4,000.00 each. In this challenge, branches are required to acquire a minimum of 40 new clients per quarter.

In the “Increase the Total number of Referrers per Branch” challenge, EF Binangonan was the sole winner, just like last awarding, earning a P3,000.00 prize. The challenge involves the branch needing at least 5% of its borrowers to act as referrers, and by the end of the quarter, there should be a minimum of 100 active clients. 


Under the “Hit the Productivity Ratio” category, 24 branches achieved success, each receiving a prize of P4,000.00. The criteria involves the branch needing to have a minimum productivity ratio of 4 at the end of the quarter period. The basis of getting the productivity ratio will be the unearned revenue over expenses for the quarter.


The total prize granted to EF branches, Area Supervisors, District Managers, and Sectoral Operation Managers for the second quarter amounts to P448,048.20. This shared achievement highlights the team’s commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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