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The fast growing number of Enculturation speakers

By Kimberly Tianzon

Mr. Rey Angeles, the President, authored a book called Our People and Culture, Our Competitive Advantage, also known as Fuchsia Book. He brought this book to life through a program called Enculturation (ENC) with a goal of making all employees succeed in their work. This program aims to develop the company culture that promotes true service to the customer, the king, to maintain our competitive advantage in the market and to uphold our corporate values.

The first ever ENC was a weeklong program held at a showroom, with Mr. Angeles as the sole speaker. Years later, some attendees were inspired by the ENC and decided to become speakers themselves.


ENC has now its core team who initiates the training of aspiring speakers. As of today, it has already gained more than 50 active speakers coming from different departments of EverFirst and Multi-Line.


There are many reasons why the attendees turned into speakers, and 4 out of those reasons stood out. 


First, the topics in the ENC such as The 4 Corporate Values, the importance of embracing the 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit while rejecting the 7 Capital Sins, The 5 Elements of a Good Leader, The 7 Steps of Paradigm Shifting and many more, are considered as practical lessons that can help its employees thrive not only in their work environment, but in life, in general. 

Second, the audiences of the ENC wanted to keep these lessons in their minds and hearts, and help spread it to others by becoming a speaker. 

Third, ENC has changed the way they look at life. They turn problems into an opportunity to become better. 

Lastly, they were all inspired by Sir AOA’s wisdom and decided to share it to others. The spirit of service that Sir AOA and the speakers instilled in the lives of its attendees played an important role in achieving the company’s goal which is to serve more customers better, faster and at a less cost.

Before, the attendees of the ENC were a mixture of employees from different companies. Now, EverFirst and Multi-Line holds it separately.

Despite having more than 50 speakers, the core team is trying to gain more by helping them face their fear of public speaking, and training them to become effective speakers.

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