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Recognizing employee milestones

by Fauline Go

Multi-Line and EverFirst acknowledge the loyalty and dedication of their employees for their length of service in the company. Employees who reached milestones ranging from less than 1 year to 25 years or more as of October 31, 2023, across different companies — Filipinas Multi-Line Corporation (FMC), Multi-Line Building Systems, Inc. (MBI), Multi-Line Structures Corporation (MSC), Multi-Line Structures Inc. (MSI), and EverFirst Loans Corporation (EF) — were tallied.


Breaking down the tenure, here is the report presented by the HR Department:

This statistic highlights not only the commitment of the employees but also the supportive environment and effective management. 


In the upcoming Scriptum issues, the individuals behind these numbers will be featured along with their experiences and achievements.


On behalf of the management, Scriptum extends a heartfelt thanks to all employees. Here’s to many more years of teamwork, growth, and shared achievements!

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